CLUG Members

Rex Bouwense - Co-Founder

IRC Nick: MajB
Bio: Full time Linux user since 2008. Frequent contributor to Ubuntu Forms (Feb 2009) and Ask Ubuntu (Mar 2014) Moderator/Administrator of LXDE Forum (Aug 2011) Member Launchpad (Aug 2008) and Ubuntu Arizona Local Community (Mar 2014)
Prefered Distro: Lubuntu
Contact: email

Devi [David] Garcia - Admin

alt text
IRC Nick: Deoxizn
Bio: Casual linux user with a little bit of knowledge of bits and pieces.. otherwise a dirty windows peasant.. Self taught in some web launguages such as css, html and some php.
Prefered Distro: Antergos/Mint
Contact: Website ¦ Steam ¦ twitter ¦ google+ ¦ email

Louie Garcia - Admin

IRC Nick: nuggyg
Bio: Louie Garcia aka nuggyg. A fairly new linux user who is in it for the security.Has a firefighting back and has a famous quote “I’m just a blue collar guy training for a white collar job!”
Prefered Distro: KaliLinux
Contact: twitter ¦ google+

C.G. Braswell - Member

IRC Nick: (varies, sometimes “paperbackwriter”)
Bio: A novelist and indy publisher.
Prefered Distro: Ubuntu 16.xx
Contact: email

Rose Leonard - Grandma

Bio: She is the grandmother of Devi and Louie and takes them to the meetings as well as attends them and sits along the others just listening along trying to act like shes paying attention.

Thailyn & Lilith Garcia - Wife and Daughter of Devi

Bio: They give Devi his rides to the meeting as well as sit in the meeting and entertain the members as well as try and be involved in any way they can.

This member list is opt in. Please contact Devi or Rex if you wish to be added.